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* Next gig - King William IV Totnes, June 15 *
the great british music of 1979
from the ashes of the 70's british music scene
there arose some seriously talented musicians
this is our tribute to those great british bands
with songs from the late 70s to early 80s era
scorching guitar - blistering bass - thunderous drums
fantastic live music played with energy and passion
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jam - police - bowie - costello - squeeze - sex pistols - madness - buzzcocks - motorhead
party punk band party ska band
GB79 are three very experienced musicians who have performed on TV and Radio
as well as supporting acts as diverse as the Animals, the Sweet and Jeff Lynne
Mr Russell
Phil has been playing for more years than his youthful good looks would suggest (what?!).
He is an experienced musician with appearances on MTV and radio 1 to his credit as well as supporting acts such as YES and the Average White Band.
In fact he has appeared on stage with many big name acts - until security threw him off.
According to Phil a bass guitar shall have no more than four strings, must have frets and if the instrument entirely obscures both nipples you're wearing it too high.
  Mr Russell  
  Mr Nile  
Mr Nile
Neil is a versatile guitarist and vocalist capable of playing and singing songs from almost any genre.
His influences include Mrs Doubtfire, Biffo the Bear and many others.
Neil actually joined the band by accident, apparently he only answered the ad for 'singer wanted' because he had an old sewing machine for sale.
He loves to play his Fender Telecaster. It only looks like it's a vintage guitar because he forgot to take it off when he went potholing.
Mr deJong
Phil is a talented and powerful drummer with a wealth of playing experience.
He started playing drums at around age 10 using mum's knitting needles and a biscuit tin.
Our first rehearsal was a bit ropey, so we made him buy a proper kit.
Personally, I miss the biscuit tin.
He recently joined the flat earth society where he gets to meet people from all over the globe.
upcoming gigs
The cost of a performance depends on a number of factors:
location, start and finish times, early set-up,
venue size and access.
Please contact us for a quotation.
We normally play two 50 minute sets.
We need a minimum stage area of 4 x 3 metres.
We have sufficient sound equipment for most
venues and basic lighting for the band.
We need a couple of 13amp power sockets nearby,
ideally from circuits not in use by other equipment.
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